Friday, July 31, 2009

Pressrelease for SS10 collection

Bibi Ghost presents her SS10 collection ”The Secret Garden”” at Copenhagen Fashion Week. This is her fourth collection and follows ”The Diamond Collection”, ”Vogelias Voyage” and “Dead Snow”.

The Secret Garden is an enchanted place, hidden beneath the surface of the city, where good meets evil and where the line between reality and the fantastical and magical is forever blurred.

A queen governs a swarm of underlings without mercy. Sylph-like figures glide slowly through the garden, seeking an escape from reality by shapeshifting from mere humans to otherworldly creatures. They leave a trail of darkness in their search for the light and the supernatural marries realism as the figures evolve and transform.

The pieces of the collection are soft, organic and dreamlike, but with references to the stark world of military and the restricted life at the Russian court. Sleek materials with a lustrous, glossy surface is accompanied by fabrics with a matte finish.

Through electronic use of organic sounds, Emil Boserup has created the audiotive surroundings of "The Secret Garden" and Gabriella Bautista Høgh has shaped the choreography – a path through this magical, hidden garden.

In a mix of cut-up organic sound material, animalistic instrument phrases, deep minimal rhythms and electronic frequencies, the music evolves through changing rhythm-structures and neo-electronic sound scapes, as the gardens inhabitants move slowly from the deepest woods to the highest static-organic space where design, movement and sound meet.

Welcome to The Secret Garden

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The SS10 collection will be shown the 6th of August at 12 p.m. Location TBA. For invites contact: